How research and analysis can strengthen your social media content

Posting content on your personal social media page is completely different than when you post for a business. When we post on our personal page we can be impulsive, random, and at times have no real purpose. In contrast, when you post content for a business you want to be careful not to just post because you feel you have to. Each of your posts should have a purpose and a specific goal. To do so, you need to be very strategic and invest in the time and resources needed to ensure your brand image, mission, and vision are aligned with the content you share on social media.

The challenge with many small or new businesses is that they tend to view social media as a free way to advertise their business. While it’s free to open a business account on most platforms, to gain followers and to consistently improve engagement on your page it takes time, money, and personnel to strategize, create, and post content. As tempting as it is to just jump in and start posting whatever seems interesting, I would challenge you to take a step back and conduct some research first. If you are just starting a new business or are trying to reposition your current social media content, spend time researching your industry and your biggest competitors. This will help you get a better understanding of the market you’re competing in. Furthermore, by exploring the content that your competitors are posting will give you a better idea of what types of posts or topics are most successful.

In addition to conducting external research, you should also conduct internal research on your audience. Understanding your audience is essential if you want to motivate them to engage with your content. You need to spend time trying to understand what they like, value, want, and need. This will help your business strategize ways to connect their products with the needs of their customers. Alternatively, if you just keep promoting your company and your products, you will quickly lose their interest. Social media is not like traditional media. Social media requires engagement to be effective if not, the social or community aspect is non-existent.

Once you’ve done some preliminary analysis of the industry, your competitors, and your audience you are now in a better place to start thinking about your content strategy. This is where you can get creative in finding ways to sync your brand with the interests of your current and future customers. When people use social media they want to find value, entertainment, or a way to connect with other people. When a brand can successfully create that balance with the content they create, they are more likely to earn more followers.

Overall, social media can be an extremely powerful tool. Unfortunately, too many companies take the power of social media for granted by not fully utilizing it to the best of their ability. To strengthen your social media performance, invest time upfront developing an impactful content strategy, and measurable ways to track your success. Posting just to post may attract some followers but will not lead to long-term success. Spend time strategizing, researching best practices, and creating valuable content that truly resonates with your users. You also need to ensure you have the resources necessary to post consistently so that there is no lag in your content. Having a strong social media presence is no easy task. It takes time, energy, money, and patience. You also need to factor in time to continuously measure your performance and analyze the feedback from your audience to continue improving your content over time. Take full advantage of the data and insights you have access to and use them to surprise, delight, and provide endless value to your current and future followers.