Three mistakes to avoid in your influencer marketing campaign

Social media has completely changed the game for influencers. With just one post, tweet, share, or comment, our entire perspective can change. This is especially true when it comes to social media influencers who have generated a significant following. As social beings who constantly long for connection and a sense of community, followers have been found to follow influencers for guidance on social expectations and self-assurance. For that reason, marketers have been able to capitalize on this impact by partnering with influencers to help expand their reach and increase audience engagement. While this may sound like a simple winning strategy, careful planning is still required. For your best chances of success, try avoiding these three critical mistakes.

1. Selecting the Wrong Influencer

As obvious as this mistake may seem, it is surprisingly easy to make. When you first think about finding the best influencer for your marketing campaign, naturally, the first thought that comes to mind is how many followers do they have? The immediate association is that the more followers an influencer has the greater reach your brand will have. Unfortunately, the quantity of followers is less likely to be as valuable as the quality of followers that actually engage with your content. When you’re thinking about who would be the best influencer for your brand, you also have to consider the audience they attract, if their values align with your brand, and how interactive their audience is with the content they post. Take time to really think about the message you want your customers to receive and determine who would be the right person to authentically support you in that delivery.

2. Not Allowing Creative Freedom

Another common mistake you should avoid is trying to script every post for your influencer. The reason why you proposed the partnership with that person is because they have a unique style and personality, which is what got them their fan base. Allow them to have a say in the creative direction and verbiage that is used so it still feels genuine. The appeal to using an influencer is that it doesn’t feel like a brand trying to just sell you something. 61% of people now find information from a “person like [them]” to be credible or very credible. Having that sense of relatability is appealing for followers and gets them interested in listening to what they have to say

3. Failure to Measure the Campaign

In addition to considering who would be the best influencer for your campaign, careful consideration should be made towards measuring return on investment. Gaining traction on your social media channels may temporarily increase your engagement and number of followers but does that translate into monetary growth? When deciding on your influencers you should also make sure to set clear and attainable goals that you’re able to measure that way you’re able to highlight the impact employing those influencers had on your brand. The success of your influencer marketing campaign is tied closely to who you select as your influencer and the synergy they have with your brand. Furthermore, be sure to develop performance metrics for each influencer that way you can continue to monitor your progress and help justify the spend required to utilize them.

Final Thoughts

Take advantage of the many benefits that effective influential marketing campaigns can bring. With the influencer marketing industry on track to be worth up to $15 billion by 2022, it is no secret that there are huge potential gains to be won. Numerous statistics support the immense increase in consumer reliance on influencer recommendations to assist with purchase decisions. Before jumping in too hastily, take your time with making the best strategic partnerships that are most suitable for your brand and audience. Also, allow your influencers to be their unique selves while also tracking the effectiveness of their campaign involvement. Take the extra time to strategically plan your next influencer marketing campaign and it’ll prove well worth the investment.