Three tips to execute a successful cause marketing campaign

At a time where information is rampant and the competition is fierce, companies have to do more than just offer a good product at a suitable price. Today’s consumers have access to more information than ever before and for that reason, they demand more out of the companies they decide to spend their dollars on. In fact, according to Engage for Good, “72% of Americans say they feel it is more important than ever that the companies they buy from reflect their values”. Furthermore, “76% say supporting companies that are addressing social and environmental issues helps them feel they are doing their part.” Consumers are increasingly aware of social and global issues and are demanding that companies also donate their time and money to worthy causes. 

One way companies can make a positive impact in their communities and even on a larger scale is through cause marketing. This type of marketing refers to the involvement of a business and a non-profit where there is an overall objective to help fundraise for a charitable cause. To be successful with your cause marketing campaign here three tips you should consider. 

1. Choose a cause that relates to your company values

Committing to a charitable cause should involve careful consideration. While it would be nice to donate to every notable cause, unfortunately, that is not feasible. For that reason, companies should take the time to really think about what non-profit organizations embody the same values as their brand. By choosing a company that is committed to the same values you are being consistent and staying true to your mission

2. Be authentic

Authenticity is imperative. Socially responsible consumers are savvy and can sense when a company is making charitable contributions just for the appearance. This can come across as disingenuous and can even make consumers turn to your competitors if they feel you are just trying to exploit charities for profit. Be genuine with your intentions, continue the effort regularly, and show your customers how much this cause truly means to your company and the family of individuals who support it.

3. Do more than just donate money

We tend to think of charitable contributions as mostly just fundraising and monetary donations. In addition to the impact that fundraising can have, some companies decide to take their involvement a step further. They engage their team and take a more hands-on approach by volunteering their time and services to the cause. Get inspired by these companies and their influential cause marketing campaigns.

When a business has the ability and the opportunity to support meaningful causes that truly resonate with what they stand for it inspires consumers to put their dollars where their values are as well. In the age of social media and instant gratification, consumers are more demanding than ever before. For businesses to thrive they need to do more than just focus on their products and services. They need to find a deeper way to connect their brand with their customers and launching a cause marketing campaign may be a great way to do that. Be strategic in your selection yet authentic with your beliefs and you’ll be sure to see a sustainable return on investment in both your company and more importantly in your reputable cause!