How strategic packaging can impact sales

Despite the assumed simplicity, there is more to packaging than many may think. The packaging is actually a very important part of branding especially since that may be the product’s first and possibly even its last impression on a consumer. For that reason, it’s important that the design of your product is not only aesthetically pleasing and functional but also representative of the company’s brand identity.  As referenced by Hubspot, “Effective product packaging attracts attention in a positive way and entices consumers to buy.” Therefore, it’s in the best interest of marketers and business owners to invest time, money, and energy into carefully planning and designing product packages that will encourage more people to buy their product. Packaging can truly make a difference in how your brand is perceived and as a result, it can have a direct impact on sales.

Perception of Quality

As a first impression, the packaging should set a fair expectation about the quality of the product. When customers can tell that a substantial amount of time and money was invested into the design of the packaging, they’ll feel more assured that the product will be of high quality as well. With a higher perception of quality, your brand can also command a higher price that consumers will be willing to pay based on the value portrayed, which also means greater potential for profit!

Stands Out

Another way to drive sales is by making sure that your company’s brand stands out from the competition. When a company can draw a customer’s attention they are already one step closer to securing the sale! Originality is also a great way to draw attention although it’s not always necessary. As was the case with Hershey, they decided to revamp the packaging of their individually wrapped chocolate from laydown bags to stand up pouches. Their new “bold presence” helped to bring more consumers to the candy aisle and drew more attention online as well. No matter your approach, as long as you find a way to stand out from your competitors, you have a better shot at increasing your sales!

Answers Anticipated Questions

Providing helpful information that describes your product and its benefits is another way that you can use packaging to improve your sales. Often, when consumers are contemplating purchasing a product, they look at the package to help them decide if the product meets their needs. By answering anticipated customer questions, the packaging can be the difference between putting the product back on the shelf and making a purchase.

Final Words

As you can see, packaging can definitely help build your brand and with strategic planning and design, it can help increase sales as well. By investing in quality packaging, you can improve your brand image by creating and living up to a heightened perception of product quality. Furthermore, companies should also find ways for their packaging to stand out while also including pertinent information that will help close the sale. So next time your company thinks about product packaging, remember that first impressions really do matter!  

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