3 Reasons Why Tracking Likes & Followers Don’t Matter

We live in a time where people and companies are obsessed with validating their content by tracking their number of new likes and followers. As exciting as it may be to see the number of new likes and followers soar, these are vanity metrics that don’t necessarily mean you are any closer to meeting your business objectives. Focusing on vanity metrics may give the appearance of success and engagement with your brand but it may not tell the entire story. Here are three reasons why these metrics don’t really matter. 

1. False appearance of engagement

Just because you see an increase in likes and followers don’t be fooled; this doesn’t mean they are interested in your content. Imagine spending time creating what you think is a great post promoting one of your new products and you see a surge in new likes and followers. That’s great right? But what do these metrics actually tell you? Were they really intrigued by your post, was that a one-time engagement, or did your post just have a nice design that caught someone’s attention during their infinite newsfeed scroll? Unfortunately, you’ll never know. 

2. They don’t provide insight on ROI

While on the surface, these vanity metrics may seem impressive, there’s no way to tell if you’re earning a return on your investment. It takes time, energy, and money to create valuable content for your social media accounts. Now that you know how many likes and followers you have, are you able to make actionable decisions to improve your business? If you’re not able to track or draw meaningful conclusions on the impact of these metrics then they may not be that important. 

3. Doesn’t translate into more business

As much as we’d like to equate likes and followers to a dollar figure, unfortunately, that’s not how it works. Just because people like your social media content doesn’t mean they’re actually interested in your business or products. Sometimes you get more followers just because they want you to follow them back. Be careful not to get your hopes up since you really can’t expect more business to result simply based on these metrics.

As much we would all like to see direct conversions from our growing number of likes and followers, that’s just not realistic. Instead of focusing your energy on these vanity metrics, check out this list of more meaningful social media metrics that can help you track your progress towards achieving your marketing objectives that actually matter.