Five Tips to Improve Your Landing Page Conversions

Designing a landing page is more than just an art. While aesthetics are definitely important, there are other factors to consider to ensure that your landing page is strategically designed to increase your conversions. After all, you want our customers to do more than just view your beautiful landing page. You want them to be intrigued by your content and encouraged to follow through with your desired call-to-action.

As mentioned by the Search Engine Journal, the “[l]anding page experience is one of the more under-optimized facets of search marketing.” That means this is an opportunity for you to not only optimize your conversion rate but also your business and presence on Google.

Here are 5 tips to help you do just that:

1. Have a strong and clear call to action

The goal with any landing page is to drive conversions. Make sure that you have a strong and clear call to action that stands out and is easy to click on. Avoid clutter and anything that will draw attention away from your main goal.

2. Make your site transparent and trustworthy

Ensure that your ad message and post-click landing page match and that consistent branding is used between both. This will reassure your visitors that they’ve arrived in the right place. The content on your landing page should be easy to navigate and exude a level of transparency that makes users confident about following through with your call-to-action. You should also consider including customer testimonials or reviews to build additional trust through social proof.

3. Focus on speed 

Time is of the essence and every second counts. With 53% of mobile users choosing to abandon a page that takes longer than 3 seconds to load, you can’t afford to have a landing page that is slow to load. A great resource to check on your page speed is Google PageSpeed Insights. Improving your page speed not only helps with your user experience but can also improve your quality score with Google.

4. Keep important content above the fold

80% of users’ viewing time is spent above the fold. That’s not to say that users won’t venture below the fold, however above the fold is prime real estate. Utilize that space to place your most important content including a catchy headline, imagery, list of benefits, and of course, your catchy call-to-action.

5. Design for mobile-first

Keep in mind that your users may use different devices to view your content. Designing for mobile first allows you to have a responsive and minimalist design that will work effectively on any device. This is why it’s important to design and test your landing pages based on how most of your users will see them.

So next time you need to design a landing page, remember there’s more to it than just creating an aesthetically pleasing page. Remember to be concise and intentional in your design. Furthermore, try incorporating each of these five tips and you’ll be sure to see an improvement in your conversion rate.