Challenges with Video Marketing and how Small Businesses Can Overcome Them

Living in a world where there are endless amounts of content, how can we effectively capture the attention of our target audience? How can small businesses separate themselves from the masses and earn that click, view, or engagement from our prime target? If you’re not doing so already, you should consider adding videos to your current marketing strategy. The benefits of video marketing are endless, not to mention the increasing consumer demand for more video content. 

Sounds great right? So why aren’t all small businesses hopping onto the video marketing bandwagon? That’s because video marketing is not as easy as it seems. Three main challenges that all companies and especially small businesses face are:

  • Lack of Expertise
  • Inadequate Budget
  • Limited Time & Resources

We all want our marketing content to be engaging, creative, and professional representation of our brand. Unfortunately, if we don’t have the expertise, the money, or the resources to do so, that makes it difficult to produce a quality video that we are proud to share with our peers and customers. The good news is that there are plenty of free resources out there now that can help you learn how to easily create engaging videos without having to be an expert or needing a crazy high budget.

Despite those challenges, you are more than capable of creating compelling videos that will capture your audience’s attention. Once you’ve reviewed the free resources referenced above, start to think about your overall marketing strategy and what you hope to achieve with your video. It’s important that you make sure the content in your video is aligned with the overall mission and goals of your company.

For your first few videos, consider topics such as an introduction of who you are and what you do, customer testimonial videos, and videos that highlight your expertise on a particular subject. This adds personality to your brand while also increasing the probability of people engaging with your content. With 66% of consumers preferring to watch a video over reading text and 90% of users saying that product videos are helpful in their decision-making process, this is a great way to increase engagement on your social media and website. Remember to constantly evaluate the feedback received and track the performance of your videos so you can constantly make improvements. Take a chance, have fun with it, and see your engagement soar!