How to capitalize on effective email marketing

With the influx of promotional emails flooding everyone’s inbox on a daily basis how can we keep up? Often times, we are quick to view them as spam or not captivating enough to spend our precious time opening them to read their content. As a result, many people wonder if email marketing is still an effective way to reach out to their customers. With 91% of consumers checking their emails at least once a day and stating that they prefer to receive business information via email, there is definitely an opportunity to capitalize on effective email marketing.

The biggest challenge is the fierce competition you face with fighting for attention in your customers’ already crowded inbox. So how do you make your emails worth opening? The art of personalization. Mass emails are no longer as effective as they used to be. Today’s consumers seek tailored messages that are relevant to their interests. To reach out to them via email with the right content at the right time, you’ll need to segment your audiences based on their location in the customer journey. Utilizing this information can also be useful to create automated emails, which is another way to personalize your emails and segment your customers with information that is more relevant to their individual needs.

For instance, by knowing whether your customer just signed up to receive your emails, abandoned their cart, or just purchased an item from your website, you can send emails to them based on their current actions. By doing so, your emails will feel more personal and as a result, have an increased probability of being opened. The beauty of email marketing is that you have a base of customers who have opted-in to receive content from your company so naturally, you have an audience who has already expressed interest in your brand. In fact, studies have shown that effective email marketing has the potential to generate $38 for every $1 spent, which is an amazing 3,800% return on investment. No wonder marketers haven’t given up on email marketing and neither should you!

To capitalize on this worthy investment, take the time to strategically segment your customers based on where they are in the customer journey, offer them relevant content that will entice them to open your emails and use automated emails to save time and send personalized emails on a mass scale. By focusing more of your energy on delivering quality content in your emails for the right audience at the right time, you will not only increase your open rate but have the potential to increase engagement and ultimately your profits.