Naturally inquisitive data-driven marketer with a passion for UX design and consumer insights

What I do

I’m a passionate learner and data-driven marketer who is committed to helping small business owners and entrepreneurs meet their marketing needs!

Digital Marketing

In the digital age, it’s essential to utilize digital marketing to reach your audience. Through SEO, email marketing, and social media, and personalized marketing, I’m committed to helping you capitalize on your digital marketing efforts.


The success of your digital presence requires more than just a nice website or mobile app. It needs to be functional and easy for your customers to navigate. UX design requires strategic planning, usability testing, persona development and truly understanding your customers’ needs.

Marketing Analytics

Data is what fuels impactful decisions. The goal of any business is to ensure they receive a valuable return on investment. For that reason, conducting market research, utilizing various marketing analytics tools will help ensure your marketing efforts are being optimized.

Let me help you achieve the marketing success you’ve always wanted.